Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots pagudpud

Pagudpud beach is one of the most famous Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots. It is said that the pagudpud beach is the longest white sand in Luzon. Although this is very far from manila, I’m sure you will not have any regrets and I promise that you will enjoy the unforgettable experience in this wonderful paradise.

“Boracay of the North”The pride of the Ilocanos

How to go to this Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots

You can go to this wonderful paradise by land travel for about 10 – 12 hrs (Manila – Pagudpud). This is very long and tiring travel. It is important to check first the condition of your vehicle before you go for a vacation.

You can also ride a bus going to Pagudpud, the travel time would be 12 – 14 hrs. Usually they have lots of stop over, that’s why the travel time is too long. The Bus fare going to Pagudpud ranging from 1,500 to 2000 so prepare for at least 2,500 for your transportation allowance


Buses with direct trip to Ilocos Norte tourist spots (Pagudpud beach):

Partas Terminal (Located at Sampaloc, Manila)

  • Contact No: 725-1740, 725-1256, 725-7303, 724-9820

Fariñas Transit (near UST)

  • (Contact No: 743-8582)


The advantage of land travel is you can stop over to all provinces you will pass by. By doing this, you will enjoy the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature in the provinces rather than taller buildings, pollution and traffic jams that you always encounter in the Metro.

If you only have few days to enjoy your vacation and you really want to go to this wonderful tourist spot, you can travel by plane going to Laoag Airport; the traveling time would be only 30 – 45 minutes. Then, you will just ride a bus bound to Pagudpud for only 2 hrs travel. I think the bus fare from laoag to Pagudpud is only 50 php.

Take Note: Make sure you already buy all the things you will need before you go to the beach.

  1. Ice (The more the better)
  2. Rice, Canned goods or raw meats (food available there are too expensive: 120 – 150 php)
  3. Beers (Most important!)
  4. Utensils (for your basic needs)
  5. Styro (much better if you can bring one)


You might not be able to find this anymore if you are already in the Pagudpud beach. Also the fare for every ride is 50 pesos. You don’t want to spend more money in this vacation, you are there to enjoy the famous Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots.

Things to do in Pagudpud

First things first, you need to rent a room near the beach; There are lots of “homestay” for rent. Don’t worry it’s very affordable, you just have to canvas first. Usually the price per day of the room is 250 php no matter how many are you in the group. They have ordinance there that they must only charge 250 php per day. Anyone will caught charging high rates can revoke their license in homestay business. Most important is, you need to check the safety and security of the room you will rent. Most of the time, you will leave all your valuables when going to the beach.

During peak months, it’s very difficult to find available rooms. Make sure to plan ahead of time for your vacation to avoid problems that might ruin your vacation.

If this is your first time in going to pagudpud, you can hire a tricycle driver to be your tourist guide to all famous tourist spots in ilocos. Usually they have flyers and advertisements inside their tricycle. Be kind to them, also if you know how to speak Ilocano is an advantage to get discounts!

You can get their contact numbers to the owner of the homestay you are renting. Their rate is very affordable. For about 500-600 pesos, you can see all the Famous Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots.

Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots windmill
Bangui Windmills

Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots kabigan falls
Kabigan Falls

Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots kapurpurawan rock
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Ilocos Norte Tourist lighthouse
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots fort ilocandia
Fort Ilocandia Resort

Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots saud beach
Saud Beach

Have fun and enjoy these Famous Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots!


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