preparing your gadgets for the beach
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Summer and beach are always fun and good, and there’s no better way to enjoy those fun times than talking photos, tweeting about them, or just sunbathing while listening to your favourite MP3 tunes or reading your eBooks using your favourite electronic gadgets.

However, when it comes to your gadgets, leaving them unprotected or exposing them under the heat of the sun, sand, and water can do more harm than good. So here are a few ways in preparing your gadgets for the beach and protect them:



Never leave your gadgets under the direct exposure of the sunlight for prolonged periods of time. If this does happen, let it cool down in a darker place. Be wary of sudden temperature changes such as when taking the device from a very hot place into an air-conditioned room though as it may cause air to condense and form moisture inside the device.



If the device has moving parts, leave it as it is to prevent sand from getting inside and clogging those moving parts. Gently brush off what you can, using a soft brush. Be careful with using compressed air to blow the sand away as it may push the sand further in. and even when you removed the visible sand away, it would still the best to have your gadget cleaned in an accredited repair service Center. So be alert in preparing your gadgets for the beach.



A few splashes of water can be easily wiped off, but if it happens to have gotten soaked, in preparing your gadgets for the beach, removed the battery immediately (if possible) or switch it off if not. Scourge your old shoe boxes for those silica gel packs and put the device with it inside an air tight container to absorb moisture. Another option is to bury the device in dry rice; it works the same way. Leave it to dry for at least a few days before attempting to switch in on again. There is a good chance your device will work again but there is also a chance it may not so be hopeful but do expect the worst.


Nowadays, most gadgets have water proof features and most of the gadgets today have protective casings available to protect them from such harsh elements.

The Best Tips in Preparing Your Gadgets For The Beach

Also if you really don’t need to use your expensive devices, just leave them in your bag or hotel room. Go offline for once to enjoy your vacation. This is the best tips in preparing your gadgets for the beach. Plus, you won’t have to worry about leaving it unattended.

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