How to Save my Relationship

how to save my relationship
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how to save my relationship
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How to Save my Relationship: “The problem isn’t both of you but your differences”
Every couple is bound to have differences and disagreements, but healthy couples find ways to resolve romantic disputes like “how to save my relationship” without turning them into full-fledged wars. These couples accept and appreciate the fact that each person has independent opinions to solve the how to save my relationship issues. They encourage open expression and work together to reach a settlement.

Below are ways to approach a “how to save my relationship” as a mature and responsible couple:

  • Set a time and place for discussion.
  • Define the problem – make sure discuss it fully, it will answer your question on how to save my relationship.
  • Analyze how both of you contributed to the problem.
  • List things you have done before which were unsuccessful.
  • Brainstorm and list all possible solutions.
  • Discuss each solution.
  • Agree how both of you will work toward the solution on “how to save my relationship”.
  • Constantly review your progress.
  • Reward each other unselfishly as you contribute toward the solution.


Some couple say that the best way to maintain a relationship is to stay in love with each other. Couples often reach a dead-end in their relationships when romance slips away, that’s you always ask this way – how to save my relationship?. This is a common overestimation of romance.

Now here’s the good news: Romance doesn’t happen on its own, so couples should recreate their own romance.

Below are some ways to handle problems “How to Save my Relationship” by maintaining interest in your relationship:

How to Save my Relationship: Focus in the qualities that attracted you to each other

It’s important to reestablish again what makes you close to another person by paying close attention to what your partner wants in a mate. Chances are both of you may forgotten this, so some kind if rekindling is needed. Never assume that what attracts them is the same as what attracts you. Recognizing this will help you to know if this person will keep you interested over the long term. This is the first thing you should remember on how to save my relationship issues.


Ask yourself: What qualities do you find very attractive in a potential mate? What qualities does your partner find attractive in a partner? Why are they important on how to save my relationship? What criteria of theirs do you fulfill?


How to Save my Relationship: Bring back the good experiences

Remember that it’s actually the emotional experiences you create for each other that will determine your eventual happiness – or unhappiness. People are naturally attracted to people who:

  • Respect and appreciate them and their qualities (sincere compliments),
  • Speak and think positively about them,
  • Share quality experiences with them,
  • Care enough to pay attention to them and their well-being,
  • Feel good being around with them,
  • Accept them for who they are and not criticize or try to change them,
  • Make them feel good about themselves and life in general,
  • Let them know that they are special and loved.

How to Save my Relationship: Provide for flexibility in each other

Once you identify what are important to you and your partner, it now becomes equally important to fulfill them. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to create positive experiences that will fulfill your partner’s needs. Also, it’s important to find ways of having your partner fulfill your needs, too. Tit for tat, that’s what!


How to Save my Relationship: Be attentive to your partner’s needs

Shift your focus to your partner and notice if he or she still responds positively to you. If you start noticing negative responses, check which needs you aren’t fulfilling satisfactorily. At this point, take immediate steps to bring back positive experiences that fulfill your partner’s expectations. Take note of this advice on how to save my relationship.


How to Save my Relationship: Face the challenges together

Every relationship needs continuous positive experiences, since this helps create challenge and growth. In the beginning of any relationship, this usually happens naturally.

However, as each partner gets familiar with each other and feels more secure with each another, it has a tendency to subside. If challenge is not provided positively, it will occur negatively. Too much challenge – whether positive or negative can be destructive, resulting only in short-term gratification, not long – term satisfaction.


A good question to ask yourself is: Can our relationship still contribute to our mutual well-being and peace of mind? Negative challenges can come in form of arguments, jealousy, infidelity or violence. Creating positive challenges where you can disagree without getting argumentative, on the other hand, can include the following:

  • Talking about various topics of mutual interest with each other,
  • Discussing your feelings for each other in an honest but sincere way,
  • Getting involved in a lot activities such as travel, social events, sports etc. that will help you both find and share new experiences.


How to Save my Relationship: Reestablish your commitment to each other

Long-term relationships require a commitment from both of you. Before committing to another person make sure this is one person whom you really want to spend your life with. But first, spend a good deal of time understanding rather than judging.

Ask yourself these questions: Are you both determined to consistently satisfy each other not just during good times but in bad times as well or just arguing one another on how to save my relationship? How will you do that? Are both of you willing to do whatever it takes to keep your relationship intact? Do both of you naturally enjoy making each other happy or starting to ask on how to save my relationship?

Always keep in mind that your level of commitment is in direct proportion to the longevity of the relationship.


How to Save my Relationship: Maintain a give-and-take attitude

In a real relationship, each partner has something to receive in return. It’s important to clarify these wants and expectations in advance, to help avoid future misunderstandings, blaming, resentments or disappointment. Remember to give and receive based on what you both truly want, no on what you should want. When you both understand each other’s wants, then there’s definitely going to be light shining upon your relationship:

  1. What does your partner want to give you? Do you want to receive it?
  2. What does your partner want to receive from you? Do you want to give it?
  3. What do you want to receive from your partner? Is he or she willing to give it to you?
  4. What do you want to give him or her? Is he or she willing to receive it?
  5. Does you partner really want to cooperate on how to save my relationship issues?


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