How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

how to make your girlfriend happy
how to make your girlfriend happy
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Have you experience of making something special to your girlfriend and yet, you didn’t make it because she might not appreciate it or you are shy of making it. But because of your fear of rejection, you didn’t try a chance to make your girlfriend happy. Here are some of my tips on how to make your girlfriend happy.

How to make your girlfriend happy
Be True to yourself

To be able to make your girlfriend happy, you just need to be true to yourself. This is the first tip on how to make your girlfriend happy. Most women find it attractive than other guy who so egocentric about their self. If you feel like she will not appreciate the efforts you want to make, just think positive. In fact, those simple efforts you do, are the one who always remembered by your girlfriend. Keep in mind that the key to attract women is your natural self – confidence and effort rather than physical looks and other expensive gifts. Just believe in yourself.

Tips to remember:

Always do the little efforts even if she might not notice it. Always tell him how much you love her from the very start. From this simple thoughts, you gave her the assurance that she is the only one you love. Make her feel that even if she didn’t put any make up or cosmetics, she is beautiful in all aspect of her body. Most women like to know that they are appreciated. Most important is, don’t make them feel that they are taken for granted. Give time for her even if you are so busy at work or any activities so that she will know how much you cared for her.


Avoid rolling of Eye balls

Women don’t like men who looks at other girls when both of you are out because they feel that you are not yet contented with her. They also think that you might comparing them with the woman you are looking at. Although this type of issue is just natural among men, explanation may worsen the situation. Accept your wrong doings and prove them that you will not do it again. This is the most important tips on how to make your girlfriend happy. Make sure you have read this.


Find time to make her laugh

Most women are attracted to men who always makes them laugh, that’s why you need to have a good sense of humor in order to achieve this tip on how to make your girlfriend happy. You don’t need to be a comedian just to impress her and make her laugh. Tell some good jokes to make her happy. The most important is, Laughing together is the key to make a girl happy and good relationship status.


Be sensitive

Be considerate of her feeling especially if they have problems or having stress at work. Most women have different mood swings compared to men. You need to comfort her. Just by simply listening to her problems, you are helping her to release the emotions they are experiencing. It is important to take her to places like malls, nature or watch movies that will relieve her sadness


Try new ideas

If you only go to same places like restaurants or watching movies, try new ideas of going to new places. I suggest to try to travel to different tourist spots in your country. By doing this, she will surely appreciate the beauty of nature. Also, you will have a long and exciting relationship.


Some of this things are just too common tips and yet, we tend to take for granted the girl we love so you can’t figure out what went wrong. Follow this ideas on how to make your girlfriend will surely have a long lasting relationship and your girlfriend will be very happy. I hope you like my tips on how to make your girlfriend happy


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