How To Let Go Of Someone You Love

how to let go of someone you love
creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by Ranoush.
how to let go of someone you love
creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by Ranoush.

When your dream girl or man dumped you and feels like everything has gone wrong.  Don’t pity on to yourself, one thing that you should do is you must realize how important you are and you must get over your ex. You must be brave enough to face challenges in life and accept the process on how to let go of someone you love. At some point in our lives, it’s normal that we will all go through in the process of heartbreak to be able to learn and be mature. Prove them that they are wrong. Stand up and be strong after a break up. Here are some steps that might help you to relieve your depression.

Steps on How To Let Go Of Someone You Love

[quote_center]Don’t ever chase them or call to them[/quote_center]You will just lose your dignity and self-respect. It’s ok to beg or to cry and fight for the one you love that you don’t want to let go. But remember, the fact that the relationship will not work anymore, There must be a reason why your relationship gone wrong. You just have to forgive and forget. Keep calm, everything will be ok because God has a different plan for us. Our past will serve us an instrument to be more mature enough to handle serious relationships in our life.

[pull_quote_right]It’s also better to cry to someone else to release your emotions or guilt feelings.[/pull_quote_right]For the first few weeks, you will be depress and find it hard to know what happened to your relationship. This is normal because as time goes by, you will realize that this is just a trials in your life that you will surpass. This will makes you feel better to be able to prepare yourself to move on to undergo the process on how to let go of someone you love.

Some people use medicine or alcoholic beverages to numb the pain that they experienced. This is totally wrong. Yet many people tend to do it temporarily as a coping mechanism to the depression they experience. There are alternatives that can cope you to this problem like seeking advice or help to your family and friends. If you feel like it gets worse, you can refer yourself to a counselor.

How To Let Go Of Someone You Love
creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by hang_in_there
Don’t think that you were dumped and it doesn’t mean that you will not love anymore because of fear or due to that traumatic experience. There’s a saying, “No Man is an Island”. You will still find the right person that will surely love and care for you in time so you must follow the steps on how to let go of someone you love. Sooner or later you will meet him or her. Just wait, you’ll just have to enjoy yourself and explore things around you. Also you can try to join to other organizations or start new activities to divert your depression. Meet some new friends and try some changes to your outfit or having a haircut. Don’t just stay in your room and reminisce all the happy moments in your relationship. That won’t help you to relieve your depression, you’re the only one who can solve your problem. If you do all these steps, you will start to feel better and you will also appreciate things in your life that you missed because you only focused yourself to the wrong person.

Going through this process on how to let go of someone you love is a very difficult part but you need to accept it, learn from those mistakes and make sure that you will not have fail relationships in the future. If you manage to surpass all the trials, it will make you feel better, have more self-esteem and confident to face a new part of your life. Lastly, you will soon realize that it’s better to be single because of its huge advantages and opportunities in life.

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