How to be a Good Wife

How to be a Good Wife
creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Ana_Cotta
How to be a Good Wife
creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Ana_Cotta

Set the Stage. Create a romantic atmosphere. You can also a drape a scarf or a patterned cloth over a lamp for more drama. Here are my nine ways on how to be a good wife.

How to be a Good Wife:

Clear the clutter

Does your room remind you of work? Place everything perfect in an area that isn’t easily seen so you can focus on having fun rather than report you have to turn in tomorrow. Instead, fill your room with sensual items such as soft pillows, ropes and fragrance.

Out in the open

Making love outdoors can be quite dangerous because this will not help you to be a good wife, not to mention illegal, but it’s one of these things you’ll remember for years to come. Remember that the time in the restaurant where the waiter almost caught you? Or the time while driving in the rain? Not that you’d retell the story to your grandchildren, but you’ll always remember the excitement of that one time you were reckless.

Take the initiative

One of the hottest things you can do is come up to your girls and show her you want her. While you may think acting or loosing a button below the usual when you’re together will be enough, he’ll probably need a bigger hint: something more obvious, like sliding up next to him and nibbling on his ear.

Seek variety

You might have a favorite position or a specific move that always works without even trying. But after 10 months of the same thing, you’ll need to be more adventurous. Do something totally unexpected.

Be gorgeous

In life, you’ve got to give and take. But there’s nothing sexier than one who always want to give.

Tell me yours and i’ll tell you mine

Don’t be shy follow this steps on how to be a good wife; tell each other your most daring fantasies. As you probably have more than one, decide on fulfilling one fantasy every month (or every week) so you’ll both have something to look forward to.

Out of sight

The thrill of being blindfolded lies in not being able to see, prompting you to rely on your other senses. You can also try handcuffs or bondage, as this seem to lessen a person’s control.

Little dance

Let those hours at the gym pay off when you do your little striptease for him. Add music and light to get you in the mood or start removing your clothes all the way to the bedroom.

Enjoy your life to the fullest and if you follow all these steps on how to be a good wife, you will enjoy your marriage life.
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