Yakult Review Based on my Experience

yakult probiotics packing

yakult probiotics reviewAmong all the nutritional drinks that you can buy at the stores, Yakult is my only favorite probiotic drink. Also this yakult probiotic drink comes in cute little bottles which are very handy and you can bring it anywhere you go.

Yakult Nonfat Probiotic DrinkThey say, in that cute little bottle of yakult, it contains 8 billion Lactobacillus casei shirota strain which is enough to fight the bad bacteria inside your tummy. This lactobacillus casei shirota strain is responsible in maintaining normal flora and aids in good digestion. Drinking yakult every after meal will prevent you from any digestive problem and other diseases.


Nutritionally, each tiny bottle of yakult probiotics contains 56 calories, small amount of sugar and fat. You can compare it to a 1 cup of rice. If you’re a health conscious person, probably you won’t take yakult a habit. But there’s nothing to worry, they already have Yakult Light with less sugar. It is available on your nearest stores.


yakult company teamYakult has always been a big part of my life; I was given a chance working with them. They were very professional with their employees. They’re also client-focused; their main goal is client satisfaction. They see to it that all the yakult probiotics that were delivered from stores are all fresh.

Their marketing strategies were very effective that’s why no wonder why until now they are still growing in this business even though the price is not so expensive.

yakult lady

They have yakult ladies which is responsible for selling yakult probiotics from every house near their assigned location so you don’t have to go to any stores. You just have to wait for the yakult ladies to knock on your door and sell chilled fresh yakult probiotics.


They also have lots of licensed medical representative which is responsible in giving detailed information about the benefits of yakult probiotics. They also encourage doctors and other health professionals to recommend yakult probiotics to their patients to promote a healthy life.


yakult-probiotics-processI also had the opportunity to visit their yakult factory. I was like a child and I was amazed on how they process millions and millions of fresh yakult every day.

yakult probiotics packing

They also have a canteen there for their employees wherein you can drink yakult probiotics any time you want. At that time, my heart is pounding rushing to that canteen and I almost consume their yakult containers.

yakult light probiotics

Like what I’ve said, yakult is my favorite probiotic drink and I’m addicted to it. Since I was a child, I always want to drink yakult every day. My parents always buy me yakult every week. Believe it or not, I can consume that in just 1 day! I remember when I was a kid, I always pour all the 5 bottles of yakult in a glass so that I will definitely enjoy the sweetness of yakult and I will never miss any single drop of yakult.


That’s one of my wonderful job experience with them that I truly enjoy the most. Yakult Companies is one of the perfect training ground for a newly graduates who want to have decent job. I’m proud that I became member of Yakult family and I will continue promoting yakult as it deserves to have good reviews. Right now, I’m a Real Estate Broker, I always recommend to my clients and staff to drink yakult every after meal for good digestion and healthy life.


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