Yakult Probiotics for children


Yakult is one of the most nutritional drinks we can give to our children. It is very safe and has beneficial bacteria that can help to protect your children from billions of harmful microorganisms.

Yakult Probiotic drink

The name, “Yakult” is derived from “jahurto” which means Yogurt.

A fermented milk drink consisting of dried skim milk, glucose, sugar, Yakult essence and billions of live Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota.



  • 8 Billion Live Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Yakult Essence


  • Serving Size       80ml (85.6g)
  • Calories              56 lcal
  • Protein                 1.2%
  • Carbohydrates   16.0%
  • Fat                           0.1%
  • Ash                          0.3%
  • Moisture               82.4%

Yakult is a fermented milk which is very healthy among children. It contains live lactic acid bacteria “Lacto bacillus casei shirota”. This type of good bacteria has the capabilities in surviving inside human intestinal tract. Also the taste of Probiotic Yakult drink is so sweet that’s why it is one of their favorite nutritional drinks. Some children drink 5-6 bottles of yakult in a day, there’s nothing to worry because there’s no over dosage when drinking Yakult. However, excessive intake of Yakult before meals may spoil their appetite.  You may also check my previous article regarding the benefits of drinking yakult.


Most of you ask about the safeness of Yakult content to our kids. We all know that children are very playful and sometimes they tend to put their toys inside their mouth while playing, without knowing that they can harbor billions of harmful microorganisms that may result in several diseases like cough, colds and some gastrointestinal infection.  To avoid this from happening, your child must drink at least 1 bottle a day of probiotic drink. Probiotics are the good and beneficial bacteria that will help your child to correct imbalances in their digestive system.


As parents, you should start to introduce yakult as early as they start to eat solid foods. It will help to prevent them from getting sick. Also make sure to bring at least 1 bottle of yakult when going to school because we don’t know what foods they eat and drink at school during break time. They might eat foods that are not very healthy for them like junk foods and other stuff that has unhealthy ingredients. If you want yakult with less sugar you can try Yakult Light for Weight loss.


It is safe to drink Yakult Probiotics for children every day. It is recommended to drink every after meal because that’s the time when the acidity level in the stomach is lower. Lower acidity in the stomach helps yakult strain to reach the intestine alive.

yakult-for-adultsGuys take note, Yakult is not only for children but also safe for adults. As you grow old, your digestive system deteriorates, that’s the reason why sometimes we experience constipation, diarrhea and dyspepsia. This is the most common cause of diseases in our digestive system. We need some supplement that will help our digestive system function well. By drinking yakult with live lacto bacillus case shirota strain, your digestive system will maintain the balance of intestinal flora, thereby protecting our intestines and could help us bring our systems to its normal. Yakult is also good in treating constipation. You may check this article: Yakult probiotics side effects if you are experiencing constipation.


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