How Do I Know if my Child has Autism

how do i know if my child has autism

how do i know if my child has autismAutism is a developmental disability that usually shows up in a child before the age of 3. It may be the result of a disruption in the development of the brain before a baby is born. It affects early brain development and its effects usually continue throughout the person’s life.


Autism interferes with the way a child interacts with the world. It:
  • Modifies the way the child communicates in both verbal and nonverbal ways;
  • Alters social interaction, both physical and verbal; and
  • Causes a person to repeat behaviors or words.


No medical test can diagnose autism. Diagnosis is made by observing the way a child communicates and behaves. The characteristics that indicate autism can range from mild to severe and can occur in any combination.

Language may be slow to develop. The child may use gestures instead of words or attach unusual meanings to words. Other characteristics that may indicate autism include little interest in making friends, choosing to spend time alone rather than with others and habitually failing to respond to smiles, greetings or call.

A child or adult with autism often has other medical conditions, such as sleep disorders, allergies, seizures and digestive problems.


Symptoms of Autism

Parents should talk to their doctor about an autism evaluation if they notice any significant behavioral changes in their child, including:

  • Failure to respond to his or her name
  • Inability to tell or describe what he wants
  • Language delays
  • Inability to follow directions
  • Appearing at times to have hearing impairment
  • Not knowing how to play with toys
  • Poor eye contact
  • Appearing to be in his or her own world
  • No intention to smile socially


Complications of Autism

Injury from self-mutilation or from lack or absence of response to painful stimuli


Causes of Autism

Experts do not know what causes autism, but it affects about 1 in 500 people, with boys three to four times more likely to develop the disability than girls. Heredity appears to play an important role in autism. A family with one autistic child runs a 5 to 10 percent chance of getting another autistic child. Research has found no link between any vaccine or combination of vaccines and autism.


What can you do

  • Always make sure that your child’s doctor checks the child’s growth development at each visit through preschool.
  • If there’s any sign and symptoms of having your child a disability of autism, always consult your doctor to verify of there’s any possible signs of autism. If he is diagnose of having that disability, your doctor will surely prescribe an early intervention treatment for your child.
  • If your child was diagnosed of autism, always think it as a gift and God has a purpose why your children have autism. God Knows you can handle it. You should first, Start him on skills training early in life. Keep in mind that an autistic child can only work best in a highly structured environment.


What doctor can do

  • Start your child on variety of behavior-modification treatments and therapy, including physical, occupational and speech therapies that focus on the child’s specific developmental problem.
  • Get your child into special education to reduce the incidence of problem behavior and teach him appropriate life skills.
  • Prescribe medications, particularly those to control behavior that can result in injury to the child.


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